D. Stoltzfus Farm


D. Stoltzfus Farm There is a lifestyle available that may look unrealistic to a person who has lived his entire life in a city. That person may know nothing of grassy fields fringed with towering [...]

B. Stoltzfus Farm


B. Stoltzfus Farm I had a wonderful opportunity to visit one of our cage free, all natural farms this week on a gorgeous spring day. My Ford Expedition pulled in the lane about the same [...]

E. King Farm


E. King Farm It was a beautiful summer day when we visited E. King's farm situated back on a long country lane. We passed a small driveway and instead of the typical farm truck, there [...]

C. Martin Farm


C. Martin Farm Long before you arrive at C. Martin's lane, you are delighted at the view of his picturesque farm. The field of corn and the traditional red barn are straight out of a [...]

C.K. Stoltzfus Farm


C.K. Stoltzfus Farm Lancaster county is in many ways, a showcase for family farms. Farming is an integral part of the heritage of the Amish and Mennonite cultures, and is a lifestyle they wish to [...]

A. Stoltzfus Farm


A. Stoltzfus Farm When you visit our egg farms you find a lot of similarities, and yet each one is distinct and is run by a unique and individual farmer. Have you ever taken a [...]

J. Stoltzfus Farm


J. Stoltzfus Farm Perhaps you wonder how our local family egg farms maintain the simplicity so many of us long for and yet keep up standards of cleanliness, meet humane guidelines, and stay modern enough [...]

M. Glick Farm


M. Glick Farm Every now and then I visit an egg farm where the farmer is so full of enthusiasm about his job, that our visit gives him just the excuse needed to show us [...]

J.S. Stoltzfus Farm


J.S. Stoltzfus Farm It was a beautiful fall day when we visited the J.S. Stoltzfus Farm and his pasture raised hens that lay wonderful eggs. I wish I could paint a word picture that would [...]

M. Denlinger Farm


M. Denlinger Farm Recently I had the privilege of visiting one of our farms along with others from Nature's Yoke. When we pulled into the driveway, the manicured lawn, flowerbeds and well maintained buildings told [...]

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