C. Martin Farm

Long before you arrive at C. Martin’s lane, you are delighted at the view of his picturesque farm. The field of corn and the traditional red barn are straight out of a postcard, or maybe the kind of picture puzzle you want to frame.

Like most farmers’ wives, the lady of this home helps out with the hens, dries her wash on the line, cans peaches, and serves up homemade pies. The teenage son is at his Dad’s side and like many farm children, seems more mature, knowledgeable and capable than most modern teens. A farm dog follows us around, goats prance in a yard, and flowers bloom all around. As is the case with all of our farms, this old fashioned life seems more reminiscent of our grandparents’ lifestyle. But don’t be surprised. This farm, whose hens are healthy, active, and beautiful, is not frozen in the past.

On the day of our visit, the farmer was getting his grill ready to make burgers for a gathering the next day. The occasion? A family reunion would be a good guess in Lancaster county; but instead, this is an open house for those interested in seeing the many solar panels that make this farm “green.” The farmer himself spends time with us conversing comfortably one minute about animal husbandry, hen personalities, and laying habits; yet able to inform us concerning solar energy issues. C. Martin’s farm is an example to others in its progressive, innovative energy efforts. Old fashion work ethics, ideals, and integrity, plus up-to-date earth friendly methods, all combine to make this a productive and sustainable family farm.