E. King Farm

It was a beautiful summer day when we visited E. King’s farm situated back on a long country lane. We passed a small driveway and instead of the typical farm truck, there was a buggy parked beside flowering bushes. Further on we were impressed by the King’s garden, large enough to produce vegetables and fruits to last the entire year if handled properly – and I was sure it would be.

The “plain people” love natural beauty and their gardens are an example of this. Laid out in an eye pleasing manner and surrounded by flowers that bloom all summer long, the family garden is truly a work of art. The Kings were going to be blessed with healthy produce for their dinner table that evening, as well as in the months to come. E.’s wife’s uncle started in the egg business 40 years ago. Extended family is still involved, lending an occasional hand and wisdom learned by experience, to this energetic farm family. The children play on the farm, but in the tradition of family farming, they also work. One little girl watched our arrival with inquisitiveness, and the farmer could hardly hide his pleasure informing us that his seven year old son is already a big help. Like many Lancaster county residents, this family, young though they are, sees their business as an extension of their lives. In this area of the country, sustainable family farms are still alive and providing for the community.