Our Mission

Rosie’s Farm Fresh strives to bring fresh organic, free-range, and pasture raised eggs to your table. Our family has been producing eggs for over three generations and we are continually committed towards high-quality products and honest business practices. Through small sustainable family farms we seek to establish a community of producers who take pride in their livestock and product. We believe that our hens should have happy lives and freedom to move and explore. We hope that you enjoy the fruits of our labor as we endeavor to be good stewards of what we have been given.

Our Values

Integrity: We honor our commitments and own up to our mistakes. We seek to uphold what is right and be honest in all our efforts. We create a transparent environment where both employees and consumers are able to ask questions and find answers.

Stewardship: We’ve been given an incredible earth and we strive to leave it a better place. Our staff works tirelessly to maintain sustainable practices on our farms. We endeavor to use our time and talent to create a better world.

Excellence: We pursue excellence in everything we do. We don’t want to just settle for ordinary we want to seek a larger goal. By creating a reliable and safe environment we want to produce the best product possible and then aspire to top it.

Family: We encourage family values that develop commitment, not only in our own family, but in yours as well. We hope our products encourage you to spend time eating and sharing life together.

Eternal Perspective: We seek to make decisions today that make a positive impact beyond our lifetime. Ever focused on the future we aim to embody all of our values as to make a lasting impression on our community and world.