C.K. Stoltzfus Farm

Lancaster county is in many ways, a showcase for family farms. Farming is an integral part of the heritage of the Amish and Mennonite cultures, and is a lifestyle they wish to pass on to future generations.

C.K. Stoltzfus is no exception, and because he desires the preservation of his heritage, he has allowed his farm to be open to the many tourists who come to this area every year. Even though his farm is indeed a showplace, there is still a strong family atmosphere that clearly says “home.” The lane leads to an impeccably maintained property with a gazebo overlooking a stocked pond, where grandchildren can toss in a fishing line. As on most Amish farms, the grounds are spotted with flower beds that look like they are maintained by a professional gardener. Several neat rows of arbors yield delicious grapes which we sample as we visit. We watch as a tourist bus brings shoppers to a quaint basement store selling quilts, a variety of lovely Pennsylvania Dutch crafts, and locally made home decor. Outside of the store entrance, two grandsons have a table with their own small crafts for sale.

C.K himself has forty years of farming, fifteen of those with cage free. His personal farm experience is backed by generations of knowledge from his family concerning agriculture and animal husbandry. He is an interesting combination of a jovial conversationalist, an astute businessman, and a knowledgeable farmer. His adult sons have “outside” businesses but still live on the property and lend a hand when needed. He works hard, and yet still after all of these years says, “I still enjoy every bit of my farming… well, except maybe the paperwork,” he says with a laugh. His farm reflects his enthusiasm.