A. Stoltzfus Farm

When you visit our egg farms you find a lot of similarities, and yet each one is distinct and is run by a unique and individual farmer.

Have you ever taken a look at a business man, a salesman, a teacher, etc. and thought “this guy looks like he is still in school”? Well that is exactly the thought that hits you when young A. Stoltzfus rounds the corner and extends his hand. As is often the case, two of his children, wearing straw hats, are by his side; only this time they are just toddlers: ages three and two. “My wife usually helps me out with the hens, but she is inside with our new baby,” he says with smile. “The boys can’t help much, but they enjoy being with me.” As we speak, a horse drawn wagon rumbles by, bringing produce in from the field. It was a brother from an adjacent farm, bringing in mums, pumpkins and gourds for the large produce stand that A. and his wife run at the front of their property. No novices at farming, this is the third generation on this property – the little boys will be the fourth if they continue in the family tradition. And there is a strong possibility that they will. Family farming is like that.