J. Stoltzfus Farm

Perhaps you wonder how our local family egg farms maintain the simplicity so many of us long for and yet keep up standards of cleanliness, meet humane guidelines, and stay modern enough to keep up with the times?

J. Stoltzfus runs a farm that seems to combine all of those goals. Coming down his long lane you see fresh clothes on the line, crops in the fields, and raised beds in the yard. Amish scooters are parked upright in the scooter rack (did you even know those existed?), and a child’s sandbox has miniature produce wagons stacked with tiny gourds. Huge pumpkins weighing two pounds each are on the lawn waiting to be picked up for professional carving. And everything is neat as a pin.

J’s grandfather was the one who built the original chicken barn but the current one on this property is new, modern, and impeccably clean. But wait. How do you accomplish “modern” on this old fashioned “post card perfect” farm? Pneumatics to the rescue! In keeping with the Amish culture the farm is off the grid, yet an air powered belt moves eggs for hand inspection and packing. Some call it “Amish electricity.” The farmer combines the wisdom of his grandfather with the current findings regarding specialty eggs. Just what we were all hoping for: the best of yesterday with the best of today.