D. Stoltzfus Farm

There is a lifestyle available that may look unrealistic to a person who has lived his entire life in a city. That person may know nothing of grassy fields fringed with towering shade trees. He has possibly never seen animals roaming freely through a meadow, or a garden where vegetables are grown to sustain a growing family.

These small, family farms are what Nature’s Yoke is all about. I would now like to introduce you to one farm in particular; the Stoltzfus Family Farm.

The Stoltzfus family lives on a comfortable farmette of 5.6 acres and this is where some of our pastured eggs are produced. Their flock of 1200 chickens is a family project, which means the three Stoltzfus children are also involved, pitching in where necessary and learning at a young age the importance of responsible animal care. Being Amish also means living without the typical use of electricity, so there is no commercial equipment to do the work for this family. These eggs are hand-gathered every day and carefully packed on flats for transportation to the packing plant where they are graded and put into cartons. From there they are shipped to the store, where they are then picked up by you, the consumer, and taken to your kitchen to be eaten with great pleasure.

Fed an all-natural veggie diet and given the best of care, these chickens will bring you a breakfast fit for kings—wholesome, nourishing, and full of simple, irresistible goodness.